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Food for Thought: Has the Time Come for a New Development Model?

As developers face greater challenges in the market place, and urban issues continue to progress, the question arises, should we be considering a new model all together? Read article for full details.

Recent news surrounding developers’ struggle to bring projects to market amidst rising costs and changing market conditions, raises the question of whether new models for development are

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What Really Happened in Toronto’s 2017 Real Estate Market & What’s to Come in 2018

2017 has been a whirlwind year for real estate in Toronto. A record breaking new year followed by government intervention, rising interest rates, and uneven demand has seen the market go up, down and sideways. This article explores the reality behind the rollercoaster year and what to expect come 2018.

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Fall Market Assessment - Where we are 6 Months after the Fair Housing Plan (Part One)

Part one of a three part series to evaluate the state of the Toronto Real Estate market 6 months after the implementation of the Ontario Fair Housing Plan. After record breaking growth in early 2017, the government implemented 16 new rules to cool the market. In this post I ask, did it or will it work?

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