The Casey House's New Home - A Modern Addition on a Heritage Building Done Right

FINALLY!!! A seamless modern addition to a classic Toronto building

Everyone knows that Toronto has a vast array of beautiful Victorian and early 20th century buildings - and it's NO secret that while we want to maintain the charm of these gorgeous properties, it's hard to retrofit them into today's standards without butchering their original charm.

The new home to The Casey House (HIV/AIDS) has quickly become one of my favorite projects and has done a beautiful job at revitalizing a classic Jarvis Street Mansion.

What's interesting about the addition is that instead of trying to extend the original building, they seamlessly attached two distinct buildings to maintain each part's charm while still making it a unified building.

While the addition is modern, the building is comprised of traditional and timeless materials including untreated stone, exposed wood, and steel. The resulting structure takes the best of both worlds to create a moderns arts and crafts.

The project follows in the footsteps of the architect's other notable projects including the McKinsey Building on Charles street and the Richard Ivey School of Business in London ON - being an Ivey grad myself I particularly like it!

Ilove this building because it proves that we can successfully preserve the old and incorporate the new in a way that actually adds value and adds character - PLUS it's a GREEN BUILDING