Architectural Feature

This design build project by Moffitt Studio elevates simplicity and elegance to new heights. The design itself is a modern take on a classic farmhouse; but what makes this project special is it's unique relationship with it's landscape and the design integrity that makes it completely off-the-grid. The project's interior, structure, and landscape are completely fluid, complementing each other and ultimately engaging the owner with the land. 

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Hannah Chan SmythComment
Could This Be the Future of Toronto Laneways?

Laneway housing is an urban typology that could be coming our way to Toronto. Laneway housing is a right of passage for any world-class city. It's a model that takes advantage of existing and under-utilized space to create affordable housing and diverse communities, all the while preserving the charm of existing neighbourhoods! 

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The Casey House's New Home - A Modern Addition on a Heritage Building Done Right

The new home to The Casey House is a newly revitalized Jarvis Mansion. The project is featured here because it is a rare retrofit that successfully achieves a modern addition on a Heritage building. The renovation confirms that we can preserve the old while also creating new interesting projects and GREEN buildings.

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