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Taking a Wide Lens to the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate plays a huge part in our City's current events, public affairs, and policy. From market activity and urban planning to greenhouse gas emissions, Toronto Real estate is an impactful topic that I love to explore. Habitat TO looks at Toronto in the big picture - the purpose of this site is to refocus the real estate conversation from price wars to urban planning, sustainability, and design.

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Urban Planning

Over one hundred thousand people migrate and immigrate to Toronto every year. With a shortage of existing housing stock, changing demographics and evolving technology/transportation, urban planners have got their work cut out for them. I endeavor to explore market activity, planning opportunities, challenges and changes happening across the city and share my thoughts on what they mean for the future.




Sustainability and green design is one of the subjects I feel most passionate about. Most people look to transportation and carbon when they think climate change, but the reality is that in Canada, buildings contribute nearly One Fifth of our greenhouse gases –  that doesn’t include the electricity buildings consume only space and water heating . If we want to make a substantial environmental change or meet our 37% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, we must tackle buildings with sustainability.

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Architecture & Design

The cool thing about real estate is that aside from its economic and social purpose, it’s also an artistic expression. From two hundred-year-old buildings to modern design, I’m excited by the architectural representation we have in the city as well as the new designs occurring worldwide.


Perhaps I Should Introduce Myself


I'm Hannah and welcome to my passion project! I started this blog to explore how real estate effects greater impact on our society. As our surrounding continues to elevate - prices soar, environmental degradation rises, population increases, and traffic worsens, real estate has the potential to offer creative solutions for long-term change.

As a Toronto Realtor at Core Assets Real Estate Brokerage, I avidly follow the real estate market. However, my deeper interest in sustainable development, architecture and urban planning, help me look at our city with a wider lens.

My purpose here is to share my inside look at the intrinsic values of real estate as a habitat, economic driver, and force for change.



Born and raised in Toronto by two architects, I have spent my life unknowingly being taught to curate and consider structures. Exploring this city, as well as travelling across Europe and Asia through a lens tinted by architecture and design has helped provide perspective and an education on evaluating projects, plans and housing. I have also learned how easy it is to take your home for granted and how fulfilling it is to appreciate this city for the wide variety of colours it offers.

My business school background at the Richard Ivey School of Business and my current experience as a Realtor in Toronto help me see potential and more readily evaluate options for buildings and sites. But ultimately, they have transformed an initial infatuation with real estate to a true interest and passion.


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